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About Us

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Since 2009

Since 2009

Since 2009

Since 2009 we bring the real taste from Costa Rica 

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Our kitchen

Since 2009

Since 2009

 Costa Rican home made style cuisine


We incorporate several plates of Latin American cuisine yet differentiates itself by being much healthier with the inclusion of an array of fresh fruits and vegetables

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Our food

Since 2009

Our food

 We know..every each dish has our seal on the table at time to serve

 The labor to prepare a menu require time and effort. Our food is fresh cooked to each order

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Our Vision

To provide Great Food, maintain reasonable prices and create impeccable customer satisfaction. That the food and drink we sell meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality and combines both creative and traditional styles of cooking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers high quality dishes under extreme hygiene .Besides providing an agile and efficient service in a family atmosphere. To create and maintain a restaurant that is comprehensive and exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation. To have every customer who comes through our doors leave impressed by TUCANES Restaurant and excited to come back again 

Our team

Restaurant takes tremendous pride in our talented, committed team. Together we strive to provide every guest with a dining experience that is second to none. We honor our goal to bring the best of Costa Rican dishes to our neighborhood.

Costa Rican food culture

Costa Rican cuisine, often called comida tipica on restaurant menus, is hearty, nutritious and at times a little one-note. Fresh fruit, rice, beans and meat make the basis for most Costa Rican dishes; however, the ways in which restaurants prepare these ingredients varies regionally. 

The Gallo Pinto is a very famous dish of Costa Rica, it basically consists of rice and beans mixed together along with some spices usually people do to eat it as breakfast .
Costa Rican cuisine is distinctive, healthy and as diverse as the country's exotic wildlife. From traditional "gallo pinto" for breakfast to "arroz con pollo" and the most typical "casados" for dinner, our visitors spending time to enjoy our menu.

Social events

At Tucanes Restaurant, you can organize your special events with us, birthdays, meetings, weddings, celebrations and office parties.

We have different packages according your special budget. Capacity up to 60 people.

Thank you for considering  TUCANES Restaurant  to host your special event.